domingo, 10 de agosto de 2008

Maceo Parker - Us (1974)

1. Soul Power 74
2. Parrty
3. Show and Tell
4. Drowing in The Sea of Love
5. I Can Play For (Just You & Me)
6. Doing It To Death
7. The Soul of A Black Man


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Doctor Okeh disse...

nice blog, I'll try n come back for some nabbin , that Bosco (below) rings a bell , prolly be my first, thx for the headz up , I'll ad ya to my blogroll too...peas!!!

Afrofunky disse...

Thanks for visiting!

You got really good stuff too.

I'm finishin my blogroll, and i'm sure that your blog'll be there

ígor moreno disse...

Olá, belo espaço, irei adicionar aos links úteis e parcerias de meu blog, assim não me perco. Sou um grande fã do som que posta, haha.