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Hypnotic Brass Ensemble - The Brothas (2008)

1. Venus
2. Planet Gibbous
3. Toussaint
4. Baji
5. Taijete
6. Medinah
7. Smoov #%&@
8. Mars
9. Fire
10. Sankoffa


sexta-feira, 30 de outubro de 2009

Shawn Lee & Clutchy Hopkins - Fascinating Fingers (2009)

1. 70 MPH Isn't Fast Enough To Get Out Of Nebraska
2. 7 Inch
3. Mimi Tatonka
4. Root Trees
5. Cross Rhodes
6. Chapter 2
7. Ancient Chinese Secret
8. Fish Sauce
9. Name Game
10. Bootie Beat
11. Willie Groovemaker
12. What More Can I Say (Top Chillin)


quinta-feira, 29 de outubro de 2009

Baby Charles - Baby Charles (2008)

1. Treading Water
2. Invisible
3. Comin' From a Higher place
4. Life's Begun
5. No Controlling Me
6. Hard Man to Please
7. Step On
8. Indecision
9. I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor
10. Back of My Hand
11. This Time
12. The Sphinx

Link for download removed by request of DMCA

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The Soul Investigators - Fat Slice O'Funk (2006)

1. Sassy strut
2. Rag Doll Pt1 Feat. Nicole Willis
3. Lets Have Some
4. Ahh Soul
5. Mo Hash
6. Ma Gee
7. Make You Wanna Holla
8. Compin and Smokin
9. Good Food
10. Investigators Testifying
11. Soul strike
12. Ci Ca Boo
13. Calypso strut
14. Home Cooking pt 1 & 2
15. Raw Steaks
16. Micro Popcorn


Calypso King & the Soul Investigators - Soul Strike (2001)

1. Gator Funk Pt.1
2. Ma-Gee
3. Mo' Calypso Strut
4. Some Funk
5. Raw Grapes
6. Investigator's Groove
7. Struggling My Way
8. Brand New Potatoes
9. Ahh Soul!
10. Soul Strike!
11. Chick Beans
12. Ci-Ka-Boo


Calypso King & the Soul Investigators - Home Cooking (2002)

1. Home Cooking Part I
2. Mo' Hash
3. Greasy Pork
4. Greens Please
5. Midnight Bar-b-q
6. Ti-ki Tofu
7. Good Food
8. Home Cooking Part II
9. Electric Cooker
10. Micro Popcorn
11. Deep Fried Chitlings
12. Momma's Gravy (Yum Yum)
13. Green Tea & Tobacco


Gizelle Smith & The Mighty Mocambos - This Is Gizelle Smith & The Mighty Mocambos (2009)

1. Working Woman
2. The Time Is Right For Love
3. Hold Fast
4. Coffee High
5. Everthing Holds Blame
6. Free Vibes (Instrumental)
7. Gonna Get You
8. Love Alarm
9. Snake Charmer
10. Magic Time Machine
11. Out Of Fashion
12. Nothing For Nothing


Aphrodesia - Lagos by Bus (2007)

1. Virgin of the Sun God
2. White Elephant
3. Holy Ghost Invasion
4. Bus Driver
5. Ago Mado
6. Ochun Mi
7. Every Day
8. Agayu
9. World Under Fire


sábado, 24 de outubro de 2009

OM Trio - Globapositioningrecord (2003)

1. Shant
2. L
3. Discrepancy
4. Bulbous
5. Hedd
6. Drop Q
7. Shant II
8. Demarcation
9. Hence
10. Tor S
11. Fives & Sevens
12. Romeo
13. Shant III


sexta-feira, 23 de outubro de 2009

Alice Russel - Pot of Gold Remixes (2009)

1. Let Us Be Loving (Kidkanevil Remix)
2. Got The Hunger? (DJ Vadim Remix)
3. Living The Life Of A Dreamer (Mr Scruff Remix)
4. All Alone (Mocean Worker Remix)
5. Universe (Kid Gusto Remix)
6. Two Steps (Herma Puma Remix)
7. Hurry On Now (Emika Remix)
8. Lights Went Out (Ljm Remix)
9. Let Us Be Loving (The Clonious Remix)
10. Living The Life Of A Dreamer (Lilstemix)
11. Got The Hunger? (J-Boogie Houston Remix)
12. Two Steps (Shawn Lee's 7 Inches Of Soul Remix)
13. All Alone (Captain Planet Remix)
14. Got The Hunger? (Llorca's Remix)
15. Universe (Dusty Remix)
16. Two Steps (Ohmega Watts Remix)
17. Lights Went Out (Zntn Mix)
18. Got The Hunger? (Ticklah Remix)
19. All Alone (DJ Day Meets Clutchy Hopkins Remix)
20. Let Us Be Loving (Yellowtail Remix)
21. Got The Hunger? (The Heavy Remix)
22. Universe (Grc's Quiet Carnival Remix)
23. Universe (Ddg Fuck-Up The Festivals Remix (Juno Exclusive Track)
24. Got The Hunger? (Tal M Klein Remix (Juno Exclusive Track)


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The Stance Brothers - Kind Soul (2007)

1. Steve McQueen
2. Prayer
3. Roll Call
4. Dynamite
5. Bright Moments
6. Capricorn
7. Garage Days
8. Jays Lament
9. Upside The Head
10. Cool Hand Turmoil
11. Mean Spirit
12. Blow Back
13. She May Be Moody


The Dynamites - Kaboom! (2007)

1. Body Snatcher
2. Own Thing
3. Can You Feel It
4. Come On In
5. Way Down South
6. Slinky
7. Every Time
8. Dig Deeper
9. What's It Gonna Be
10. Killin' It


Chad Smith's Bombastic Meatbeats - Meet the Meatbeats (2009)

1. Need Strange
2. The Battle For Ventura Blvd.
3. Oh! I Spilled My Beer
4. Tops Off
5. Death Match
6. Night Sweats
7. Pig Feet
8. Lola
9. Bread Balls
10. Into The Floyd
11. Status Spectrum (Bonus Track)


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Só Pedrada Musical - FOREVER

Mais um parceiro que se vai...
Another partner that is gone...

Pois é, embora o trabalho do lado de cá continue sendo sério e engajado, as gravadoras não se permitem encarar a situação através de um novo ponto de vista.
Well, although work on this side remains serious and committed, the labels do not allow theirselves to face the situation through a new point of view

Ontem, o Blogger tirou do ar, mais um grande parceiro do AFBJ: Só Pedrada Musical.
Dirigido por Daniel Tamenpi, o blog tinha vários anos em seu currículo e um acervo de disco sensacionais.
Yesterday, Blogger had closed, another major partner of AFBJ: Só Pedrada Musical
Directed by Daniel Tamenpi, the blog had several years in your résumé and a sensational collection of music.

Acredito que boa parte dos discos postados por Tamenpi, não existiam em catálogo a disposição do público que acessava o seu blog.
I believe that most of the albuns posted by Tamenpi, did not exist anymore in the catalog to the public who access the blog.

Mais uma vez, o interesse de poucos, preponderou em relação aos interesses da massa.
A mesma massa que gera lucros absurdos para essas gravadoras que insistem em um formato tão ultrapassado quanto os seus stakeholders.
Again, the interest of a few, prevailed over the interests of the mass.
The same mass that generates absurd profits for these labels that insist on a format as outdated as their stakeholders.

Fica aqui nosso gesto de solidariedade a mais um parceiro que se vai.
Mas que deixou um legado importante na formação de um novo conceito de consumo de cultura.
It's our gesture of solidarity with another partner who will.
But he left an important legacy in the formation of a new concept of consumption culture.

Aos executivos das gravadoras que nos perseguem, deixamos a dica:
Peguem seus paletós engomados, suas contas gordas e cheias de dinheiro que vocês ganharam no passado, e vão morar na praia para ter alguns lampejos de felicidade nessa vida que vocês vivem.
Deixem que o mundo contemporâneo, seja liderado por pessoas com aspirações modernas.
To the record executives who persecute us, we leave a tip:
Grab your starched suits, their fat and full accounts, of cash you have earned in the past and will live on the beach to have some flashes of happiness in this life you live.
Let the contemporary world, is led by people with modern aspirations.

Mais uma vez, convocamos os parceiros de blog, os admiradores de boa música e de cultura em geral e todos aqueles que ficam indignados com esses excessos de poder a protestar.
Again, we call partners blog, the admirers of good music and culture in general and those who are outraged by these abuses of power to protest.

Convidamos todos os visitantes do blog, a “hastearem” simbolicamente essa bandeira em seus blogs, seus espaços de trabalho, suas casas, ou em qualquer outro espaço relevante de suas vidas.
We invite all visitors to the blog, the "stem" symbolically that banner on your blogs, your workspaces, their homes, or in any other area relevant to their lives.

Juntos, somos maiores do que todos eles.
Together, we are bigger than all of them

Karl Denson - Dance Lesson #2 (2001)

1. Dance Lesson #2
2. Like Like Dope
3. Rumpwinder
4. Flute Down
5. A.J. Bustah
6. A Shorter Path #1
7. A Shorter Path #2
8. I Want The Funk
9. Who Are You?


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AFBJ - Da Selectah - Vol.1

AFBJ - Da Selectah - Vol.1


1. Nostalgia 77 - Cheney Lane
2. The Limp Twins - A Day In The Life Of Mr Jones (Natural-Self Mix)
3. Diesler - Welcome To Hellmouth Feat. Laura Vane
4. Alice Russell - Seven Nation Army
5. Greyboy - Unwind your Mind (feat. Karl Denson)
6. The Apples - ...The Journey Continues
7. J. Period & K'Naan - Gentleman f. Bajah (Messengers Remix)
8. Alice Russell - Hurry On (Dirty Diggers Version)
9. Free the Robots - Session Two
10. Nostalgia 77 - The Turning Point
11. Greyboy - Got to Be Love (feat. Quantic & Sharon Jones)
12. Belleruche - Anything You Want (Not that)
13. Alice Russell - Someday
14. Beat the Grid - The Bears


domingo, 18 de outubro de 2009

Karl Denson - The D Stands for Diesel (1994)

1. Louis & Co.
2. Bougainvillea feat Andy Bey
3. The Grind
4. Sunday School
5. Russian Qualude
6. Jam Sandwich
7. The Grind Reprise
8. Steamed Water
9. Tune-Up feat Andy Bey


quinta-feira, 15 de outubro de 2009

Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra - Live at The Funk Box (2003)

1. Pre/Intro
2. My Lady Frustration
3. Talk-a-Tif
4. Pay Back Africa
5. Big Man
6. Sister
7. Excuse-o / Who No Know Go Know
8. Untitled (Vic In Ethiopia)
9. MTTT (Mother Tucker Tick Tock)
10. Government Magic > Indictment
11. Music How We Sit

Download (64Kbps MP3 ZIP)
Download (VBR ZIP)


New York Funk Exchange - Live at World Cafe (2009)

1. Hot and Tot
2. What A World
3. Shimmy
4. Clean Up Woman
5. Romantic
6. One Of Those Days
7. Marberry
8. Slam It Down
9 You Ain't the One
10. Love the Way You Love
11. Clean Your Plate
12. Git Some
13. Keep It Real
14. Give It To Me Baby
15. Move On Up

Download (64Kbps MP3 ZIP)

Download (VBR ZIP)

Mofofunka - Live at The 13th Floor (2005)

1. Mr. Elevator Head
2. Ramblin'
3. Hello
4. Hello
5. Unknow
6. Rudy Got Smooth
7. Upshot
8. Keep It Slick
9. Attack Of My Killer Tomato
10. The Chicken
11. Six Gun

Download (64Kbps MP3 ZIP)
Download (VBR ZIP)

Funk Ark - Live at Bossa (2009)

1. Neville's Nightmare
2. Desert Cruiser
3. Amassenge'nallo
4. unknown
5. Shadow Puppets
6. Funky D See
7. Road to Coba
8. Power Struggle


Flow Dynamics - Flow Dynamics (2007)

1. Introduction
2. Live In The Mix
3. Shock Ya Mind
4. Superjam
5. Up In The Party
6. Tremendo Boogaloo
7. At The Speakeasy
8. Just Expressin
9. Better On Stage
10. C'Mon & Get It
11. Cut Edit
12. Straight From The Ground
13. Steady Rockin


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Henry Kaiser and Wadada Leo Smith - Yo Miles! (1998)

Disc 1

1. Big Fun/Hollywood
2. Agharta Prelude
3. Miles Dewey Davis III Great Ancestor
4. Black Satin
5. Ife
6. Maiysha

Download Part 1
Download Part 2

Disc 2

1. Calypso Frelimo
2. Moja-Nne
3. Themes from Jack Johnson: Yesternow/Right Off/Interlude/Tune in
4. Wili(For Dave)

Download Part 1
Download Part 2


The New Mastersounds - Live at Quixote's (2007)

Set I
1. 33(A Fine Year to Die)
2. Zambezi
3. Hey Fela!
4. 102%
5. Power Struggle
6. All I Want (Right Now)
7. The Minx
8. Six Underground
9. In the Middle
10. This Ain't Work(Part 1)

Set II
11. Talk is Cheap
12. Coming Up Roses
13. Baby Bouncer
14. Carrot Juice
15. Unknown 3
16. Better Off Dead
17. You Got it All
18. Bus Stop No.5
19. Give Me a Minute(Part 2)
20. Return to Gijon
21. Who's Making Love
22. Eazin' Down
23. Nervous
24. (E)One Note Brown



June 1st, 2007
Denver, CO

Source: DPA 4027(NOS/onstage)->V3->Mytek 192->HD-P2(24/96)
Lineage: UV22HR(16/44.1)->CDWave->FLAC
Taped by: Scott Schneider
Transferred by: Scott Schneider

Les Nubians - Show SP - Sesc Pinheiros (07/10/2009)

No último dia 07/10/2009, fui ao show das meninas do Les Nubians, realizado no Sesc Pinheiros, aqui em SP.
Conheci o som das irmãs Helene e Celia Faussart, por volta de 1999, quando elas começavam a estourar com o sucesso de Tabou (remake de um sucesso dos anos passados).
On the last day 07/10/2009, I went to show of the girls of Les Nubians, held at SESC Pinheiros, here in Sao Paulo - Brazil.
I knew the sound of sisters Helene and Celia Faussart, around 1999, when they began to burst at the success of Tabou (remake of a success of past years).

Naquela época, já achava incrível a mistura de elementos africanos, com a harmonia de jazz e world music que essas garotas faziam.

A cada novo disco que lançavam, outros elementos eram acrescentados nesse caldeirão musical.
E o resultado final, ia ficando cada dia melhor!
Even in that time, it felt incredible mixture of African elements, with the harmony of jazz and world music that these girls was playing.
In each new album released, other elements were added in this musical cauldron. And the end result, was getting better every day!

São oficialmente 3 discos lançados até hoje, com a promessa de um novo disco para o começo de 2010 (em breve, você terá acesso aos três discos aqui no AFBJ).

3 albums were officially released to date, with the promise of a new album for early 2010 (soon, you will have access to the three discs here in AFBJ).

Nesse show, pudemos curtir uma atmosfera intimista, e perceber que as duas estão completamente integradas ao povo brasileiro, mesmo sendo a primeira passagem delas aqui por nosso país tropical.
No show, rolou uma série de sucessos dessas meninas, além de uma participação muito especial do projeto social, chamado Moleque de Rua.

In this show, we enjoy an intimate atmosphere, and realize that both singers were fully integrated to the Brazilian people, even though the first run of them here in our tropical country.
In the show, they played a lot of successes, and a special participatio of musicians of a social project, called Moleque de Rua.

Toda a base de percurssão do show, foi feita por artistas brasileiros formados nesse projeto incrível que existe há mais de 20 anos no Brasil e na Europa.
Além da participação de MCs e B-boys da favela de Heliópolis, que também têm vinculo com o projeto Moleque de Rua.
The whole percussion in the show, was made by Brazilian artists trained in this incredible project that has existed for over 20 years in Brazil and Europe. Besides the participation of MCs and B-boys of the slum of Heliopolis, which also have link with the project Moleque de Rua.

O show foi recheado de interação das irmãs franco-camaronesas com o público, que mostrou que não importa o idioma utilizado nas músicas (predominantemente francês), pois como elas mesmas dizem em um dos seus sons "somos cidadãos universais".
The show was full of interaction of the Franco-Cameroonian sisters with the public, which showed that no matter the language used in music (mostly in French), because as they themselves said in one of his songs "we are universal citizens."

Emoção ao cantar parabéns para uma das irmãs (Helene), e ao cantar junto com elas um clássico de nosso Jorge Ben - Mas Que Nada.

Thrill to sing Happy Birthday to one of the sisters (Helene), and to sing along with them one of our classics brazilian groove: Jorge Ben - Mas Que Nada.

Confira aqui alguns vídeos registrados no celular, dessa noite incrível, em que se celebrava mais do que o ano da França no Brasil, mas a integração dos povos de todos os cantos do mundo.

Mais uma prova, de que a música tem a capacidade de promover grandes mudanças!

Check out a few recorded videos on my cel phone, of this incredible evening, which we were celebrating more than the year of France in Brazil, but the integration of people from all over the world.
Further proof, that music has the ability to make major breaktroughs!

Funkshone - Shining (2009)

1. Let The Drums Speak
2. The Raw
3. Deeper Love
4. Purifications P1/2
5. Droppin
6. Run For It
7. Stop The Bus
8. The Strut
9. Wired
10. Panama
11. Hotwheels (the Chase)
12. It All Comes Back To This


The Freebeez - The Freebeez (2008)

1. Freebezz
2. Monkeys Edit
3. Psycholover
4. What You Need (Interlude)
5. Funky French Fries
6. Freebeez Radio Edit


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Shawn Lee - Soul Visa (2006)

1. Peculiar Times
2. Some People
3. Wichita Lineman
4. Mary Jane
5. Mexican Stand Off
6. Any Knd Of Fool
7. Throwin' Shadows At The Wall
8. Caught In The Middle
9. Dark Clouds
10. Givin Up On Getting Up


quinta-feira, 8 de outubro de 2009

The Cheebacabra - Metamorphosis (2003)

1. Sleepers Awake
2. Metamorphosis
3. Push
4. Zagreb
5. The Players Rendezvous
6. Osgood-Schlatter
7. The Electric Ant
8. Salvia
9. The Hidden Valley
10. Operation Anaconda


Shaolin Temple Defenders - Chapter II - Getting' The Spirit (2009)

1. You Keep On Turning Me On
2. International Soul
3. Message To The Soul Sisters Ft. Dionne Charles
4. Watch Your Step
5. Let Yourself Go !
6. Something To Share
7. The Seven Deadly Corners
8. Southern Bug-A-Loo
9. Slave To Your Heart
10. Don't Tell Me It's Over Ft. Marta High
11. The West Side Strut
12. We Live Together
13. Let Yourself Go ! (Reprise)


quarta-feira, 7 de outubro de 2009

Sindikaat - See (2006)

1. Capitol
2. Can‘T Change It
3. Voodoo Logic
4. First Lady
5. Asante


The Dynamites feat. Charles Walker - Burn It Down (2009)

1. Burn It Down
2. If I Had Known
3. Sombody's Got It Better
4. Can't Have Enough
5. Do the Right Thing
6. I Got Love for You
7. Treadneck
8. Somebody Stop Me
9. It's a) Sunny Day
10. The Third Degree
11. If You Don't Mean It
12. The Real Deal


Nostalgia 77 - The Impossible Equation (2006)

1. The Impossible Equation
2. Desert Fairy Princess
3. Well Being 1


*Vinil - Edição limitada

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Selo Dama + 3 Podcast by Dazz Le Groove

Grata surpresa ter conhecido o trabalho da galera do Sul, que formou o selo Dama e que assina em baixo o trabalho bacana de Dazz Le Groove, Mazda 2000, Solo Damant e Tropical Reset.

Os caras disponibilizaram no seu blog, 3 mixtapes assinados por Dazz Le Groove, daqueles que conseguem colocar um pouco de todos os temperos da música, e deixar o prato final no ponto!

Assim como música de qualidade, esses caras conseguiram reunir em seu trabalho um conceito muito bacana sobre a distribuição do trabalho de seus artistas, de forma gratuita através de seu blog e de muitos outros como esse aqui.

A idéia de promover acesso a música e a cultura a todos, vai totalmente de encontro com os conceitos e ideais do AFBJ.

Vale a pena dar uma conferida no blog dos caras, que tem além da boa música, conteúdo para ver, sentir e vestir.

Dama Podcast by Dazz Le Groove

1. Jill Scott - Bedda at home

2. C2C -
3. Slum Village - Tainted
4. Pharcyde - Passing me By
5. Nação Zumbi - Toda surdez será castigada
6. Azymuth - Melô do Bico (Remix)
7. 4 Hero - Laranjeiras
8. 4 Hero - Morning Child
9. Cut Chemist - The audience is listening
10. Rob Swift - Blue fable
11. Kanye West - Stronger
12. J Rocc -
13. Jazzanova - The one Tet
14. Fila Brazillia - Madame le Fevre
15. Themes - impulsion
16. Herbie Hancock - Rock it
17. J Rocc - Drama
18. Jazzanova - Another new day
19. Talib Kweli/Dead Prez/Jorge Ben - Suffering and Smilling
20. Mr Magic - Potential 1980

Heavy Funkers by Dazz Le Groove

1. Bobby Byrd - I Know You Got Soul
2. Eric B & Rakim - I Know You Got Soul
3. Jackson 5 - I Want You Back (Z-Trip)
4. Cymande - Pon de Jungle
5. Slum Village - What Its All About
6. Sugarhill Gang - Rapper's Delight
7. Rose Royce - Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
8. Brothers Johnson - Ain't We Funkin' Now
9. Jurassic 5 - Interlude
10. Kool & The Gang - Starchild
11. Cymande - Brothers On The Slide
12. James Brown - Get Up Offa That Thing
13. Commodores - Too Hot Ta Trot
14. Herman Kelly - Dance To The Drummer's Beat
15. Fila Brazilia - Livingston Buzz - Radio Zumbido
16. Quincy Jones - Money Runner
17. David Holmes - Snake Eyes
18. Kool & The Gang - Get Down On It
19. Miles Davis - Fantasy

Arrastão by Dazz Le Groove

1. Walter Wanderley – Canto de Ossanha (*The soul Searchers – Ashley Roachclip)

2. Hermes Aquino – Eu Quero Ser Teu Rei (*Afrique – House Of Rising Funk)
3. Arthur Verocai – Presente Grego
4. Banda Black Rio – Casa Forte (*Quantic – Don’t Joke With a Hungry Man)
5. Banda Black Rio – Chega Mais (*Captain Sky – Wonder Worm)
6. Ana Mazzoti – Agora ou Nunca Mais
7. Airto – Celebration Suite (*Curtis Mayfield – Now You’re Gone)
8. Howard Roberts Quartet – Dirty Old Bossa Nova (*Isaac Hayes – Breakthrough)
9. Meirelles e sua Orquestra – Kriola
10. Tim Maia – Gostava Tanto de Você (*Harlem Underground – Ain’t no Sunshine)
11. Azymuth – Saudades do Doutor
12. Meirelles e sua Orquestra – Tristeza Pé no Chão (*Incredible Bongo Band – Last Bongo in Belgium)

Um salve para os parceiros do Dama, e parabéns pelo belo trabalho!

segunda-feira, 5 de outubro de 2009

Radio Citizen - Berlin Serengeti (2006)

1. The Hop
2. Mondlicht
3. Everything
4. Night Part I
5. Night Part II
6. El Cielo
7. Birds
8. The Prophets
9. Roads
10. Voices
11. Black Forest
12. Championsound
13. Dust
14. Density
15. Hightingale
16. Love Serenity Blues


Azaxx - The Exotic Delight Bay (2009)

1. Groucho
2. Zorbanissimo
3. The Pygmy Ballad
4. Autumn Dreamy
5. Carioca Paradise
6. Happy Mango
7. Beach Mambo
8. Fiesta Tropical
9. Smoothly Morning
10. Coco Nuts Bay
11. Ooba Ooba
12. Wild Strawberry Jelly
13. The Pepito Stroll


Me & You - Floating Heavy (2007)

1. Me & You Intro (Skit A)
2. Brown Paper Bag
3. The Hoop Loop
4. Sneaker Thief
5. Brighton Request Line (Skit B)
6. Elephant Takeover
7. Wouri River
8. Last Night
9. Ze Zam
10. Brighton Request Line (Skit C)
11. Got Any R&B?
12. Random Search
13. One More Tune
14. Last Night (Last Heads)
23. Space Lizards (hidden track)


The Limp Twins - Tales from Beyond the Groove (2003)

1. Tales From Beyond The groove
2. Elemenatl
3. The Limping Song
4. The Dub That Sank My Sub
5. Living Well
6. Moving Closer To The Sofa
7. Another Day In The Life Of Mr Jones
8. If It Ain’t Broke….Break It!
9. Get It Back
10. Sunday Driver
11. Bitter & Twistered


Rebirth Brass Band - Hot Venom (2001)

1. New Orleans Music
2. Rebirth Melody/Casanova
3. You Don't Want To Go To War (W/Soulja Slim)
4. Rockin' On Your Stinkin' Ass
5. Pop That Pussy (W/Cheeky Blakk)
6. Hot Venom
7. Thinking About Ya
8. Let's Do It Again
9. Doing Bad
10. Let Me Do My Thing


The New Mastersounds - Live at The 8 x 10 (2009)

Set I
01. Intro
02. Zambezi
03. Carrot Juice
04. All I Want (Right Now)
05. Miracles
06. Thermalbad
07. Coming Up Roses
08. Brother Soul
09. Baby Bouncer

Set II
10. Intro
11. Thirty-Three
12. Hole In The Bag
13. Fastman
14. Six Underground
15. Turn this Thing Around
16. 3 on the B
17. You've Got It All
18. Eazin Down
19. Quantico VA
20. Nervous (Remix)
21. Encore Break
22. One Note Brown (with Jam intro)



January 9th, 2009
The 8x10
Baltimore, MD

Patcher: Timothy Brown (timothydavidbrown@gmail.com)
Source: (House setup/balcony) SBD+Audix SCX25's (DFC, Balcony, X/Y)->Yamaha Mixer->Henry Engineering Patchbay->JB3(Line In)
Transfer: JB3->Firewire->PC
Processing: Fade-in and fade-out applied using Sound Forge 8.0
Conversion: CDWav 1.93.3 for track splitting and Flac16 Conversion @ level 8

sexta-feira, 2 de outubro de 2009

Raphael Pistachio - Orange Grooves (2009)

1. An Orange Groove
2. Spy-Ion
3. Slow Groovin
4. Guitar Tryout
5. Groofy


Breakestra - Lowdown Stank EP (2008)

1. Lowndown Stank
2. Miss Funky Sole
3. Lowdown Stank (Instrumental)


The Mackrosoft - Journey to Vaginus (2005)

1. The Cherry Blossom Children
2. Journey To Vaginus
3. Enclavia De Labia
4. That Kind Of Party
5. The March To Urenus
6. Fugue In Money B
7. Dying For A War


The Dirty Dozen Brass Band - Buck Jump (1999)

1. Unclean Waters
2. Run Joe
3. Duff
4. Dead Dog in the Street
5. Old School
6. Pet the Kat
7. Inner City Blues
8. Time
9. Nuttballus