domingo, 5 de outubro de 2008

Rephrase - Little Victories (2007)

1. Jellyjam
2. Boulevard
3. Old Timer
4. Since 1939
5. Chaase Your Tail Feat Vandal
6. What Have You Been Listening To? (Interlude)
7. Lip Service Feat. Merenia And Vini Sebastian
8. Return Of Jimi Fingers Feat. Jimi Polar, The
9. Funky Little So & So Feat. Noel Boogiee
10. What Happens On The Dancefloor Stays On The Dancefloor (Feat. Negus Shabaka)
11. Good Feelin
12. Likelyhood, The
13. Chase Your Tail Feat. Vandal (All Good Funk Alliance Remix) (Bonus Track)


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