quinta-feira, 2 de outubro de 2008

Sugar Loaf - Soul Sttruting (1970)

1. Baby you turn me on
2. Black
3. Cleo's mood
4. Hard down
5. If i had a hammer
6. Papa's got a brand new bag
7. Pearl time
8. Soul clap '69
9. Soul walk
10. Soulful strut
11. Time is tight
12. You can't sit down


3 comentários:

Mp3 disse...

qual é a senha para descompactar???

Rob disse...

Hello Afrofunky!
May we please have the password for Soul Strutting? Thank you very much. Great work here!

Afrofunky disse...

oops, desculpe galera

eu nao subo arquivos com senha.
agora o link foi atualizado!

sorry folks, the link was updated and there's no need of password