segunda-feira, 6 de abril de 2009

Afro Elements - It Remains To Be Seen (2008)

1. Think - Afro Elements, Heidi Vogel
2. It Remains to Be Seen
3. Ju Ju
4. Things You Do - Afro Elements, Gerry Williams
5. Latinspiration - Afro Elements, Heidi Vogel
6. Volcano
7. Afrolude...
8. Four Letter Word
9. Lift Your Life - Afro Elements, Benny Diggs,
10. Volcano [Raydio Mix] - Afro Elements, Jeff Lorber 11. Chocolat - Afro Elements, Gerry Williams
12. Stop You're Killing Me
13. Casa del Ritmo
14. Heavy Hands [*]
15. Chocolat [Mr. Gone's Club Sandwich]


3 comentários:

Unknown disse...

Heavy funk similar to James Taylor Quartet and Banda Black Rio.Just fantastic!!!

jazzhead disse...

Take this download off. Buy it people, small bands like this struggle to sell that many albums as it is. By giving it away for free you are ruining the chances of there being a second album. Support your creative artists.

peterpeter disse...

can't download it. Help !