sábado, 1 de agosto de 2009

Diesler - The Rhythm Station (2007)

1. Welcome To Hellmouth feat. Laura Vane
2. Carla's Beat feat. Katie Miller
3. Restless feat. Testament
4. Passion feat. Afrika Fuentes
5. Some Assembly Required feat. Paranormal
6. Lovetouch feat. Caitlin Simpson
7. Crush feat. Double Yellow
8. Dopplegang Land
9. The I In Team feat. Double Yellow
10. Revelations feat. Laura Vane
11. When She Was Bad


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Anônimo disse...

Posted today on Brilliant Corners, A Boston Jazz Blog about the ongoings at Call It Anything blog and it's "owner", "Rab Hines":

And another word in the "Hines" matter: If you read the comments in "Hines's" disgusting goodbye/ Let's bash Bruno L. comment section, it's easy to recognize that most posters have nothing against Bruno -- they just applaud their "Fuehrer" who supplied them with so many records for free. Most comments vs. Leicht are probably written by "Hines" himself.

Others, like those by a certain "Simon Hunt", are sad proof of a low IQ organism with opportunistic behaviour: Hunt would still suck up to "Hines" if he would directly witness him spamming the net with Bruno-is-a-pedophile-Nazi-pervert-racist bullshit – Hunt being simply a born claqueur, and unable to see that his great blogger "friend" Hines (of course a friend without address, face, or voice) is among the lowest life forms on the internet.

Of course, "Hines" will not stop. He's an impotent weakling and, like he used to brag in countless comments on YouTube videos in Leicht's (and sometimes my) name, "proud of being a rat" -- so, stopping would make him feel his utter impotence just even more.

Cheers, Klaus