domingo, 27 de setembro de 2009

The New Mastersounds - Ten Years On (2009)

1. San Frantico
2. Soulshine
3. MRG
4. Chocolate Chip feat. Chip Wickham
5. Narcolepsy
6. Limsy
7. Dusty Groove feat. JD73
8. The Road To Fuji Rock
9. Cielo feat. Sam Bell
10. OOOM feat. Skerik
11. Make Me Proud!

Download link taken off, by request of artist

7 comentários:

xensma disse...

thank you for the posts!!especially the new breakestra lp,i was waiting for it!!

Myron disse...

Thanx a lot man! Cheers!

New Mastersounds disse...

Thanks for offering the new album for free download - now we won't have to bother releasing it in Europe and USA - great! We can easily sell our instruments to pay for the making of the next record. Oh, hang on - that won't work, we need instruments. I know - we'll steal food to live on and we'll hold the studio engineer at knife-point to make him work for free. But what about the household bills? No problem - we'll sell drugs to raise the money for that! Perfect! Enjoy the free music everyone!

Anônimo disse...

Thieves and losers who steal the efforts of hard working musicians. Buy it and keep the music alive!

Afrofunky disse...

We're taking off the link for download, as asked by the Artist.

We reforce that, AFBJ take the link from another site, and you can easily find in Captain Crawl.

xensma disse...

of course it is a true problem for the artists who are working hard with independants labels or own-produced albums,of course i would like to buy more music and not to be obliged to illegally download it,but i have to say that i am the first to go to concert when i am able to,and that anyway i would not be able to buy albums from the group i like,the price of lps is too expensive for my low budget.and above all i have to say that i already steal food in supermarket to be able to feed my family,so what????ask the records company to sell cheaper,ask the shops to get less benefit from their sales,ask politicians for a true answer to the poverty of so many people who are working hard just for surviving until tomorrow.ask about a global license which would be more equal for everybody,artists and music lovers....

Afrofunky disse...

Yeah XENSMA...
Unfortunately we live in constant disequilibrium, and expect that everyone has the awareness to promote equality, is an arduous task.

but we'll still up, in AFBJ

continue with us, which has much more to come ahead

Thanks for visiting us