sexta-feira, 23 de outubro de 2009

Alice Russel - Pot of Gold Remixes (2009)

1. Let Us Be Loving (Kidkanevil Remix)
2. Got The Hunger? (DJ Vadim Remix)
3. Living The Life Of A Dreamer (Mr Scruff Remix)
4. All Alone (Mocean Worker Remix)
5. Universe (Kid Gusto Remix)
6. Two Steps (Herma Puma Remix)
7. Hurry On Now (Emika Remix)
8. Lights Went Out (Ljm Remix)
9. Let Us Be Loving (The Clonious Remix)
10. Living The Life Of A Dreamer (Lilstemix)
11. Got The Hunger? (J-Boogie Houston Remix)
12. Two Steps (Shawn Lee's 7 Inches Of Soul Remix)
13. All Alone (Captain Planet Remix)
14. Got The Hunger? (Llorca's Remix)
15. Universe (Dusty Remix)
16. Two Steps (Ohmega Watts Remix)
17. Lights Went Out (Zntn Mix)
18. Got The Hunger? (Ticklah Remix)
19. All Alone (DJ Day Meets Clutchy Hopkins Remix)
20. Let Us Be Loving (Yellowtail Remix)
21. Got The Hunger? (The Heavy Remix)
22. Universe (Grc's Quiet Carnival Remix)
23. Universe (Ddg Fuck-Up The Festivals Remix (Juno Exclusive Track)
24. Got The Hunger? (Tal M Klein Remix (Juno Exclusive Track)