quarta-feira, 7 de outubro de 2009

The Dynamites feat. Charles Walker - Burn It Down (2009)

1. Burn It Down
2. If I Had Known
3. Sombody's Got It Better
4. Can't Have Enough
5. Do the Right Thing
6. I Got Love for You
7. Treadneck
8. Somebody Stop Me
9. It's a) Sunny Day
10. The Third Degree
11. If You Don't Mean It
12. The Real Deal


4 comentários:

Roper disse...

Really want to check this out, but I can't find the link...am I trippin? Thanks for the great blog.

pr.tenorsoul disse...

yes, the link doesn't work... too bad!

Afrofunky disse...


Now its working

pr.tenorsoul disse...

GrEAT! Thanks!!