quarta-feira, 16 de dezembro de 2009

Badboe - Break the Funk (2009)

1. Funky (intro)
2. My bad
3. Funk medley
4. Ease the funk
5. Let's get ill (album version)
6. Nothing but the funk
7. My style (super cool)
8. Loose your funky self
9. Dynamite
10. Funk in the air
11. Rescue me
12. The original groover
13. Break the blues
14. Spread the words
15. Dynamite (all good funk alliance remix)


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Anônimo disse...

Please send another link, this one went paying.

charlie disse...

new link my friend

Unknown disse...

Check out Badboe's new releases Funky Intro, What You Wanna Do, Walk Out Laughing and Bastard Breaks at DanceMusicHub.