sexta-feira, 23 de julho de 2010

The Haggis Horns - Keep On Movin' (2010)

1. Way Of The Haggis
2. Pass It On
3. The Jerk
4. On The Edge
5. The Snarf Dance
6. Too Blind
7. Keep On Dancing
8. The Cockroach Grind
9. Puttin' On The Beef
10. Movin' On
11. Love Gets You High


6 comentários:

xensma disse...

ow!!!! i was waiting a new release by this amazing band for so long!!i hope this lp is as strong as their enter the haggis first it?

Cal disse...

i liked a lot!
its playing in repeat since i downloaded!!

DMH disse...

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leave me a message: disse...

YES! I was waiting for that one. Thank you!

gb disse...

Hi, I have been looking for this Cd a lot. I tried to download but it said that there was an Error, Could you please check the link?

Marcos Mendes disse...