quarta-feira, 9 de março de 2011

Black Joe Lewis & Honeybears - Scandalous (2011)

1. Livin' in the Jungle
2. I'm Gonna Leave You
3. Booty City
4. Black Snake
5. She's So Scandalous
6. Messin'
7. Mustang Ranch
8. You Been Lyin' (featuring The Relatives)
9. Ballad of Jimmy Tanks
10. Since I Met You Baby
11. Jesus Took my Hand


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ajnabi disse...

A unique blog. Really enjoying the discovery , keep it up

Guilherme C.S. disse...

vlw ai, é nóis!

paulo disse...

it's really amazing!!! could you tell me where i can get the lyrics of these musics? i play the guitar but i don't understand all lyrics.