terça-feira, 15 de março de 2011

The Liberators - The Liberators (2011)

1. Multiculture
2. Bulletproof
3. Rags to Riches
4. Let it Go ft. Roxie Ray
5. Self Reliance
6. Denga ft. Jojo Kuo
7. Monkeyface
8. Liberation ft. Afro Moses
9. Deleb
10. The Directive

Link for download taken off by request of artist

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Anônimo disse...

Dead Link

Anônimo disse...


Anônimo disse...


xensma disse...

hey it's like if i'ev already seen this lp somewhere else!! ;-))
keep on sharing!

H. disse...

Media Piracy in Emerging Economies http://piracy.ssrc.org/the-report/

E tem esse q é lindo http://bit.ly/hnsd3E

Anônimo disse...

This is Jada Parolini, product and promotions manager for the record label Record Kicks.

Blogs such as yours, which include links to illegally download entire albums, are very harmful to independent record labels such as ourselves, who are already struggling to survive. Especially with new releases, such as this album by THE LIBERATORS, which has NOT EVEN been out a month!

We kindly ask that you remove all such links to our copyrighted content, and that in the future you desist from publishing any such links to download our releases. If you like the music we produce then SUPPORT IT. This way you are only doing us harm.

Thank you,

Jada Parolini

Afrofunky disse...

Jada, the link have been removed.

But instead of look our blog as a enemy, try to look at it as a new chanel for underground artists like The Liberators.

The band has been known, by people of many countries that your media plan, cannot reach...

Anyway, we wish you the best


Anônimo disse...


sorry jada, it seems you are living on last century!

your mission should be to spread the music.

since you've given up on your duties, i'll help you out.

Gurldoggie disse...

Needless to say, I completely disagree with Jada. I would never in a million years have discovered The Liberators if it wasn't for this blog. Blogs like this one provide a great service for music lovers and promoters like Jada should support them, not attack them.