segunda-feira, 19 de outubro de 2009

AFBJ - Da Selectah - Vol.1

AFBJ - Da Selectah - Vol.1


1. Nostalgia 77 - Cheney Lane
2. The Limp Twins - A Day In The Life Of Mr Jones (Natural-Self Mix)
3. Diesler - Welcome To Hellmouth Feat. Laura Vane
4. Alice Russell - Seven Nation Army
5. Greyboy - Unwind your Mind (feat. Karl Denson)
6. The Apples - ...The Journey Continues
7. J. Period & K'Naan - Gentleman f. Bajah (Messengers Remix)
8. Alice Russell - Hurry On (Dirty Diggers Version)
9. Free the Robots - Session Two
10. Nostalgia 77 - The Turning Point
11. Greyboy - Got to Be Love (feat. Quantic & Sharon Jones)
12. Belleruche - Anything You Want (Not that)
13. Alice Russell - Someday
14. Beat the Grid - The Bears


6 comentários:

Der digitale Flaneur disse...

your soundcloud-file doesn't work. why?

Afrofunky disse...


Its working fine here.
Please try again (i think that Sound Cloud was facing some problems abaout a few hours ago)

Best wishes!

Bowman disse...

any chance you can reup this? says that it has reached the max downloads of 10.

Afrofunky disse...

Sure man:

Here is the new link

DropClique disse...

seems like a wonderful album but its down :(

Afrofunky disse...

Hey guys

I don't know why the link has been expired.

But there is another one:

Its already updated in the post