quarta-feira, 23 de dezembro de 2009

The Killer Meters - Breakin' Out! (2009)

1. Consolation Blues
2. Freak
3. Dance Move Shake!
4. Say Dirty
5. Tropical
6. Desperate Times
7. Come Back
8. High Low
9. Cramp Your Style
10. Change Your Mind
11. Black Mountain
12. I Ain't Lyin'
13. Stomp (Part 1)
14. Stomp (Part 2)
15. Rainbow Of Love


3 comentários:

xensma disse...

i have just seen it this afternoon into the fnac store of my town,and was asking myself about the sound of this lp,so i am now able to try it,thank you!!

Bram van Boekholt disse...

Great post!

I just listened to it and discovered that track 9 ("Cramp your style") is a remake of Boogie Down Productions' "I'm still #1"!

troods disse...

thank you so much for all you do. music is life and you help us live it!